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For New Suppliers

  Interested suppliers have to submit Supplier Registration form at.

  Online Supplier Registration Portal

  Online Supplier Registration Portal ( Mirror Link )

  Online Supplier Registration Portal ( Mirror Link )


Identification of a Potential Vendor:

BHEL-PEM Noida procures Materials and Components on a regular basis from Suppliers spread all over the world.For this purpose, BHEL is backed by a strong supplier-base which is continually updated.

To have a broad vendor base of reliable and quality conscious vendors on the approved list for issue of enquiries for various systems / equipments/ products, we are interested to identify potential vendors to consider them for registration as an approved vendor for a specific system/ equipments/ products.

BHEL PEM has a systematic approach for identification of potential vendor and evaluation of the vendor based on organization soundness, quality adequacy system and technical competence as a self-assessment system by the vendor itself to ensure their eligibility for enlistment before applying for registration.

To identify the potential vendor, there is a pre-qualifying requirements based on the individual package/ system/ equipment/ product. Before processing any application for evaluation of a vendor to consider for enlistment as an approved vendor, it is necessary for the vendor in question to fulfill prequalifying requirements first.

Supplier Registration Forms (For Reference Only)

  Indian Supplier (SRF)
  - Documents checklist

  Foreign Supplier (SRF)
  - Documents checklist


Items/Packages procured by PEM Noida

   List of items where Suppliers are required on urgent basis

  Total list of items/packages procured by PEM Noida


Contact Persons:

Shri Ritesh Kumar Jaiswal, Sr. Mgr.
Vendor Development Department,
BHEL-PEM, PPEI building, ESI & HRD complex
Plot No.-25, Sector-16A, NOIDA-201301
Phone: +91-120-4368540

Shri Kameshwar Mandal, Asst. Engr.
Vendor Development Department
BHEL-PEM, PPEI building, ESI & HRD complex
Plot No.-25, Sector-16A, NOIDA-201301
Phone: +91-120-4213636

For Existing Suppliers

  BHEL Fraud Prevention Policy and Nodal Officers

  Important information for all our Business Associates

   Vendor Payment Status

   Supplier Performance Rating of Registered Vendors

Submission of all engineering documents, after the award of contract, to be done online using PEM's Document Management System (DMS). Contact the concerned Project Manager in PG department in BHEL-PEM for creation of your login account in Document Management System.

   DMS Login

   DMS Manuals

   Vendor Login Creation form


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